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Penelope Cruz’z top plaited bun.


A bun on the top of the head is quite sexy and ladies, it looks very manageable. Those who like to wear buns can try this look as this bun is made of a big plait on the top of the head. First thing, the hair have got to be voluminous otherwise the bun will be short and won look appeasing. Try to have hair extensions added to your plait while braiding. To get this chic hairstyle, you need to deep condition your hair so that it is silky and smooth and of course shiny. Do add hair smoothing serums or anti frizz serums to wet hair and comb well. Blow dry. Comb and pull all your hair on the top of your head into a nice, tight ponytail. Tie the neck of the ponytail with a tight rubber band. Now give a shot of hair spray all over your tail and start making a plait by dividing the hair into three sections. Pass right section over middle and under the left one. Similarly pass left section over the middle and under the right. This is one round. Repeat man rounds till you reach the ends of your mane. Attach a tiny rubber band at the end to prevent the plait from opening. Now wrap the plait around the neck of the ponytail from which the plait is made. Tuck the ends inside and fix with bobby pins. Make sure no rubber bands are seen. Spray on hairspray and your top plaited bun is ready!!

Wassup new:  Attach a single silver crystal on the side of the bun. It will speak for you!!

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