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Top afro ponytail.


An afro hairstyle is a natural hair texture that has tight curls or spirals. The volume of the hair is so much owing to the spiral nature of each hair strand that the mane when open, looks like enveloping the whole head. Although the spirals may break easily when dry and may be difficult to comb but this textured hair when put into various hairstyles has its own appeal and attraction. Afro ponytail is a hairstyle in which loose afro hair is tied on the top of the head with its tail hanging onto the face. The tail shows its full volume and its very pretty to look at. To get this hairstyle, wash with a good shampoo and a conditioner.ย  If you have natural afro hair, it is fine but if do not have, you may need to put tiny curlers in your hair to texture them likewise. Get that done from a professional stylist. More simple way is to make tiny plaits in hair when your hair is still wet and then sleep overnight with them. In the morning open them up to find huge volume of permed hair. Collect all hair on the top of your hair without combing and then tie a rubber band or a scrunchie around its neck. Let the tail fall onto your face. Give a shot of hairspray and you are done!

Wassup new: ย Add colorful scrunchies to your ponytail and make your look more appealing.

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