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Ultra Long side bangs.


Ultra long side bangs cab be so attractive and eye catching. Side bangs actually increase the sex appeal of a person and create an aura of their own. Long side bangs almost covering one eye is an absolute sexy look. Not only for the ladies here but this hairstyle can be adorned by men too. Men look very handsome in this look keeping an eye on their metrosexual appeal. You can wear ultra long side bangs with almost any hairstyle ranging from buns, loose waves, ponytail, bob, curls updos etc. You can change your hairstyle if you want by keeping the bangs in and not flaunting it whenever you get bored of them or cut them short when you think its time to switch over. To get this cut, make sure your hair have been washed properly. Always cut the side bangs razor wise means when you cut slantily there are no blunt ends. And keep in mind that when hair will be dry they will tend to look a little shorter in length than what they looked when wet. Lately many guys have been sporting this look and I must say it does not disappoint us. Its in a way unisex hairstyle that has got immense sex appeal. See the pictures for a glance and you will know why. Try this look sometime and listen to the praises!

Wassup new: Girls can combine this look with a crystal on the side, hair clips or a headband over the bangs. It looks awesome!

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