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Alice Eve’s half tie bob: Ultimate bossy!


Alice Eve rocks here with her short bob isn’t she. Her look is very authoritative and of course polished. She looks like an experienced business woman who knows how to be in style of her own. Well her hairstyle is short which reminds me of Victoria Beckham’s most popular hairstyle but Alice makes it a bit different by adding the half tie to it. To get this hairstyle, you need a wash with a good shampoo and a conditioner. Use hair smoothing and anti frizz serums to put out any frizz and make hair manageable. Blow dry. Comb well.  For this short bob cut, you need to go for a chin length bob cut in which the front hair is longer than at the back. The front hair gradually tapers a little short by one inch at the back. If your hair isn’t straight, straighten them with a hair straightener. Now, pull up a small section of hair from the top front near the margin of the forehead and bringing it back, tie it up using bobby pins or hair clips. Make sure they are tight. Give a dash of hairspray and off you go to your meet!

Wassup new: Make sure you do not raise the front section much because then it will be a front poof hairstyle which is altogether a different category. Use hair pins or clips at the back to tie the hair and your look will be more appealing.

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