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Gabriella Ellis’s straight rainbow colored hair.


Whenever summer sets in, along with it comes the flowers, rains and of course the colors. Since experimenting colors has been quite popular, here Gabriella come with her straightened mane colored in rainbow style. Well first of course the look is awesome and pretty, secondly it glows out of her black dress, isn’t it. The beautiful long tresses have been mesmerized with elegance by the straightened effect of her hair. Many of you may I know, want to get this hair color and hairstyle immediately. Well you can try this at home to see whether the look suits you or what kind of colors you want to mix in. After a wash and conditioning, use anti frizz serum on your hair. Now using straightener, make your mane ultra straight by dividing hair into smaller sections. Use temporary hair color sprays. You may use any combination of hair colors like particularly rainbow, more on the green side, more on yellow, more on red etc.  give longitudinal streaks or horizontal ones. Color your roots or ends or both. Try and experiment what look you like, then click a picture of yourself and next time you go to the saloon for a hair color, show the pic to the professional that you want a certain kind of hair color pattern and he will understand it more. Temporary hair colors last a single wash so you can experiment with them more.

Wassup new: Rainbow hair colors look good on any sleek hair length. For initial term, color your ends first to get accustomed. Try on!

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