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Gwen Stephani’s lopsided side retro roll.


Gwen Stephani is the princess of buns and retro updo’s .  Here also she presents a sided roll on the top of her forehead, perched to a die and catching instant spotlight. Though her whole persona is retro looking but her eye catching and mesmerizing side knot roll is the beauty of the day. How polished, and elegance is the look, you can imagine by the pictures. The hairstyle is utmost charming and graceful, I would say fit for the event. To get this hairstyle, you got to go for the basic wash and conditioning first. Then use hair smoothing serums and blow dry. If you need additional straightening, use a straightener and then comb well. Pull all your hair on the top of your head near the forehead to one side and make a ponytail. Tie the ponytail with a rubber band. Now comb the tail well and use extra mousse for its polish. Now take a big thick roller and attach the hair to the roller near the neck of the ponytail. Make sure the roller with hair covers the neck beautifully.  Just give one roll of hair over the roller and let the remaining hair hang down. Comb the remaining hanging hair and wrap them around the roller, fixing with bobby pins. Switch the hair dryer to warm hair and give a shot of it to the set roller. When sufficient heat is given to get the roll done, slowly remove the pins, open the wrapped hair and remove the roller. Put back the wrapped hair and fix with pins as was done before. Give a shot of hair spray and your retro roll is done!!!

Wassup new: I simply love this hairstyle. It is feminine and attractive. Completely different from ordinary updos and of course it makes a mark. Try on!

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