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Kat Graham’s straight ponytail.


Ponytails are in fashion now and that too of various colors and textures. Afro ponytails, sleek ones, curly ponytails, wavy ones, pink and blonde colored, blue, purple so many colors are in. To have a perfect sleek ponytail is an art and can be easily mastered. To get a sleek two toned ponytail you need to get your hair color done first. Color the two inch ends of your ponytail into any color you want but make sure it gives a distant contrast to your original hair color. Then have a wash with a color protecting shampoo and condition the ends properly. Dab on a hair smoothing serum and blow dry. If your hair isn’t straight you may use a straightener. Now comb and pull back all your hair into a high ponytail on the top of your head. Tie it with a tight and a thin rubber band. Now, take a thin section of hair from the tied ponytail itself and use hair spray to make it manageable. Comb and wrap it around the neck of the ponytail around the rubber band. Make sure the ends of the hair which are of different color shows up by wrapping. Fix the ends with bobby pins. Give a dab of hairspray again all over, comb your tail and you are ready!

Wassup new: Try colored headband with ponytails, different kinds of bangs etc. It will bring out a different style every day. Try on! Ponytails are fun!

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