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Creating Tousled Look With Short Hair


Getting a tousled look with short hair can be difficult for most of the people. But creating a tousled and curly look can improve your appearance and it can also make you look more attractive. There are many movie actresses who style there in this fashion as it gives a great look. The most important thing in achieving this type of hairstyle is by reducing the amount of natural curl. Also make sure to follow the perfect method and the right tool to create this style. If you think this can be a difficult job for you, just follow these simple steps and get this unique hairstyle.

It is very easy and simple to get this hairstyle, first as usual wash your hair and condition it thoroughly using a shampoo and mild conditioner. Next use a towel to dry the hair completely and then start spreading one tablespoon of moisturizing styling cream in your hands. Divide the hair into one inch strands and start pulling each section of the hair using your moisturized fingers adding medium to high pressure which will help to straighten as well as hold the hair in place. Now use a hair roller to roll the each part of the hair until it becomes completely dry and then remove it. Using the rollers can help to create a wavy look for the hair. At last spritz all over the hair with a ultra-hold hair spray to end the styling process.

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