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Frohawk Hairstyle


A frohawk hairstyle is known to be an alternative style to an afro hairstyle which was usually worn by the actual African warriors. In this hairstyle, the both the side of your head will be shaved and the middle part of the hair will be left thick which can be used to draw lines one the shaved sides. It is known to be the most used hairstyle by the African American women where there will be tall strip of hair running from the front to the back of your head. Here is an easy procedure to achieve this style in not time.

To begin the styling, first wash the hair fully and use a conditioner, then leave it for some time to make it set. Next rinse the hair completely and apply a moisturizing cream all over only with the help of your hands. Now start dividing the hair in three sections and make sure that the lines on your head from front side to the back and extend along the entire length. Create small twists in the middle sections and apply a middle amount of gel over the twist. Spritz the hair with water and start creating cornrows on both the sides of the hair only if like it. Make sure that the cornrows run from front of the head to the back. You can also braid the part of cornrow starting from the scalp and hold it in place with bobby pins.

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