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Fur ball hairstyle.


Fur ball hairstyle seems similar to a messy hair ball on top of the head just like a messy top bun. Since messy look is quite popular these days, so many different out of the way hairstyles are taking their place in daily wear. Fur ball hairstyle is quite new and feminine. The messy outlook pertains to the girly and rebellious persona while the bun shows up the elegance. So it’s a mixed combo of manageable chicness. To get this hairstyle, you need to have a wash with a good shampoo and conditioner. Do not use anti frizz or hair smoothing creams. Blow dry. Comb well. Collect all hair on the top of your head into a tight ponytail. Tie the neck of ponytail with a tight rubber band. Now, finger comb your tail lightly and make out two sections. Back comb one of the sections hard to create volume. Wrap this section around the neck of the ponytail to create the base for the ball bun. Mash up the other section with your hands as you mash potatoes. Wrap this section over this ball completely covering the bun. Fix the ends with bobby pins. Pull out some flicks out of this hair ball to create more messy look. Give a shot of hair spray all over and your fur ball is ready!

Wassup new:  You may create bangs for the added effect. Color them or side sweep them, your choice. Attach a headband for that chic look or a crystal on the fur ball for an evening event.


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