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Kat Graham’s shiny rossette updo.


Kat Graham is noted for her regular changing styles. Her styles have been quite eye catching in the recent past and so is this shiny updo of her’s. Her original hair is afro type and so it has quite a bit of volume. Her hairstyle combines of ponytail, a rosette updo and tiny plaits which look quite inventive. To create her hairstyle, shampoo and condition your hair well and use lots of mousse. Comb well and blow dry. Bring all hair on the top of your head and make a ponytail. Tie the ponytail with a rubber band. Now take out two or three thin sections of hair and make plaits of each of them. Tie the ends of plaits with tiny bands. Now, out of the tail make out three sections of remaining hair other than the plaits. Add a plait to each of the three sections. Now take one section and spray it with hairspray. Take a wide crimper and crimp it all its length.  Make sure it is broad and the crimps should not be too close. Wrap this section around the neck of the ponytail and fix the ends with bobby pins. Likewise spray and crimp the other section and wrap it around the first section to make a rosette like effect. Similarly wrap the third section around the second one. When a rosette is finally formed, take some shiner and spray it on the whole updo. It gives the extra polish. Your look is ready!

Wassup new: It is a great updo and you need not straighten up curly hair or curl up straight hair for this. Its natural and very innovative. Try it once, you are bound to love this hairstyle!

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