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Make a difference with Hair beads.


Hair beads have been in fashion since ages. They have their origin in tribal people who still adorn their hair with wooden, metal or seashell beads. They were very popular during early twenties and late nineties and are popular even today especially in small girls. Since its trend is back in, we present here different styles how you can make a cut using simple hair beads. You can make a simple hair strand look amazing by adorning it with string of hair beads. You can make a strand out of your back hair full of beads and leave the rest loose. That creates a beautiful impact. Curl your hair into beautiful curls and wear a string of beads with it. Side part your hair and attach beads on the strand of hair on the greater side. Wear multiple plaits and adorn their each weave with beads. Make afro plaits to your curly hair and adorn the ends with beads. Attach them on your bun or your chignon and make a difference and fun to your hairstyle. Beads give life and color to the whole persona. Try them after all one is oneโ€™s best stylist!

Wassup new: You can find numerous crystal beads or flower shaped beads to be used for bridal hairstyles. Adorn them in a wedding updo and add some glitter to your wedding look. Nevertheless, this hippie style can be sexy as well as cute, depending how you show it.

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