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Multiple hair plaits and braids hairstyle.


Hair plaits have been the commonest hairstyle among people of all countries, tribes and cultures. Ever since plaits came in the front, stylists have been making out different forms of braiding and plaiting like fish plaits, French plaits, basket braid, crown braids, snake braids etc. the different forms of braiding and plating can be combined to form a single hairstyle which can be as astonishing as its original components. Mixing two or three braids with a bun can be ultimately sexy. Numerous plaits can be formed out of afro hair to form cornrows and of course multiple plaits that cover whole head. One thing, their making is tedious but they are quite manageable. Multiple braids on hair can be combined to give result into multiple plaits which can be tied together at one end to form a different kind of hairstyle. Combine them with newer category hairstyles like a front poof or give them a messy look or make numerous plaits and wrap them around the head like a single crown braid. So many styles to try into! Try on!

Wassup new: Once you know how to make a fish plait, you can make two or three plaits and then combine their ends into one. Its great to look at and of course sexy! Give yourself some Egyptian and tribal feel combined into one! Adorn your hairstyle with flowers for a beach party or crystals for an outdoor event. Keep trying!

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