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Brazilian hairstyles.


Brazil is a hub of style and openness. Known for its exotic models, football and beaches, its not uncommon to find girls sporting newer hairstyles more often. Open, loose, wavy hair is a signature style you will find at the beach. Since the most common hair texture found there is wavy, girls tend to show off their locks.  A flower tucked behind the ears is a common find. More recently Brazilian blowout has been quite in news. It is a procedure in which keratin is used to make hair ultra straight without causing any damage to the hair. The hair after the treatment is so shiny and ultra sleek that it is a beauty to the eye. But researches have shown that the product contains formaldehyde that may be detrimental to the body since it is oncocytic. Brazilian men have been known for their hair styles more often. The attribute lies in their football players.   One of the hairstyles that is very popular is the Neymar Mohawk style after the name of a popular soccer player, Neymar Da Silva In this hair is grown long and cut short from the sides as in Mohawk but the center hair is gelled up and transformed into spikes. Many alterations have been made into this style as growing long plaits behind, folding the spikes into a tent shape, carrying wide spikes etc. Have a look of these and try them on.

Wassup new: Braids have been quite common in Brazil with afro textured hair. Since it is easy to manage in summers people braid their hair into tiny braids keeping about half of their hair still loose. Perming and coloring are relatively common.

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