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Hairstyle With Ribbon Braid


Having a hairstyle with ribbon braid can be a charming style for women of all ages, especially kids will love this type of hairstyling. Braiding a ribbon to your hair can add a pop of color and it will also make the braid look as though it is woven by a hair stylist. This can be a perfect choice of hairstyle for girls who are in cheerleading. With this style you can try to bring out all the fun that you had when were young. Here is a simple technique to create a ribbon braid.

To start the styling process, first try to select the preferred method to add the ribbon into the braid which can also be done before or after the braid is created. Choose the color of the ribbon that works best with your hair and try to consider all textured and patterned styles. Now hair separate the into sections depending on the braid you are creating and tie the ribbon around several strands of the hair tightly secured in place. Select a section of hair which is closer to the bottom or behind your ears. Start braiding the hair as usual and add the piece of ribbon in one of three sections. Use elastic to secure the braid and cut the excess ribbon which is longer than the braid to end the styling. You can also add different color or even textured ribbons to the hair as per your desire.

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