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Nicole’s puffy blob updo: New hair attraction!


While Nicole’s wardrobe malfunction made headlines, it was her hairstyle that attracted me most. How seductively it was done and it perched on the top of her head matching her dress, her make up and skin tone in every sense. Particularly her hairstyle should have been the talk of the day had her dress not lost its hold in the gusty wind. Nicole’s hairstyle is a giant poof combined with puffy blobs of back hair pinned in an updo. Well it is easy and a must try I must say. So are you ready to try on?

To create this hairstyle, you need to wash your hair with a volumising shampoo and a conditioner. Dab on some hair serum and blow dry. Comb well. Take a medium sized section of hair from the top front enough to make a giant poof. Comb well and tease a little to give it a little volume and height. Raise the poof and tie it with bobby pins at its back. Now take all the hair hanging at the back and comb well. Collect them at the top of your head and tie them with a rubber band to make a ponytail.  Comb well and spray the tail with hairspray. Make out three to four sections of this tail and spray well. Fold one of the sections into a fan shaped blob over this ponytail and fix with bobby pins. Wrap the ends of this section around the neck of the ponytail. Fold the remaining three sections over the ponytail to completely cover it and form big blobs that give volume to the updo. Fix any loose ends with bobby pins. Give a last dash of hairspray and you are done!

Wassup new:  Attach a crystal on the side of this updo. It looks breathtakingly beautiful!

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