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Traditional Chinese hairstyles.


Though we know that Chinese have straight hair as their staple texture, but traditional hairstyles were kind of buns, poofs and addition of so many flowers and hair sticks. Chinese hairstyles take long time to make and there are so many categories like geisha inspired, queue, circular poofs etc. They have a tradition that they do not cut their hair all life time besides the first cut of hair a year after their birth, owing to their filial duties and love. Usually the traditional hairstyles have lots of thin plaits and braids hanging on both sides of the ears while the remaining hair is tied into a sleek ponytail or bun on the top of the head. One of the most common hairstyle is the circular poof at the front. It is very beautifully carved poof all around the rim of forehead like a halo. Chinese traditional hairstyles were very polished and they used various kinds of oils for keeping their hair nourished and manageable. The buns on the top of head may be decorated with flowers, jewellery sticks, hair cushions, floral combs etc and many folds may be given to the hair to make it appear voluminous and big. Bangs wee not common in traditional hairstyles but they have made a way now.  Try on these hairstyles for a change and make the eyes turn to you!

Wassup new: A traditional hairstyle of baby boys is shaving of head completely leaving a triangle of hair on the top of the head. It looks cute. Baby girls usually adorn few buns or coils on the top of their head.

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