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Alicia keys thick plaited updo.


She looks experimental and with thick hair she has made a cut in style by adorning a beautiful thick plait on top of her head giving rise to a polished updo.Ā  It comes under retro style and is easy to make. To get this hairstyle, wash your hair with a good shampoo and condition deeply. Use hair smoothing serum to detain any tangle sin the hair. Comb properly and blow dry. Collect all hair in the middle of the back of your head. Spray all over to get a polished effect on the serrations. Make a ponytail out of the collected hair and tie it with a tight rubber band. Now, bowing your head downwards, pull all hair to hang in front of your head. Comb forwards and spray again. Start making a thick plait out of it. Plait is made by making three sections of hair. Pass the right section over the middle and under the left. Pass the left section over the middle and under the right. Keep passing sections one by one till you reach the ends of hair and then secure the ends with a tight rubber band. Make sure you do not leave more than half an inch of hair at the ends. Hang the plait over to the side, a little falling onto the forehead to make a slant ā€˜uā€™ shape and pass it over to the back. Cover the neck of the ponytail with the ends of the plait completely and fix with bobby pins. Make sure no rubber bands can be seen. Fix the plait with random pins to keep it in place. Your retro plaited look is ready!!

Wassup new: Adorn your plait with something glittery such as glitter thread or hair pins or beads. Make it special!

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