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Cossack, traditional Ukrainian hairstyle.


Cossack haircut is a traditional Ukrainian haircut in which a lock of hair is left untouched on the top front of the head and the rest of the head is shaved completely. The hair element that is unchopped is known as chupyrna, chub or khokhol or oseledets meaning crest or herring. It started along mid 900’s. This haircut was a special sign of a noble dynasty and it was dishonor or shame to have it cut. This hairstyle was popular among the military of that era but later on came to be popular among common men. It was important for men to have this blob of hair on his head as it customized bravery and honour. This hairstyle disappeared along end of nineteenth century and was left over only for the merchants of Ukraine. This hairstyle can still be seen among the elderly men there as a symbol of extinct ancient traditions. This hairstyle has changed forms over the years and was originally combined with long beards and plaits of hair. The blob of hair on the top may be styled as per person’s choice into a high spike, a low front sweep, and a pompadour or kept messy.

Wassup new:  The haircut is required frequently as much as per week and still this hairstyle can be sported in its modern changed ways.

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