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Hairstyle With Double Strand Twist


Hairstyle with double strand twist is considered to be a fun way of styling your hair. It can give the hair a break from wear and tear of daily styling as it can stay on your head for few days or even for weeks depending on the hair type. This hairstyle will look similar to a braid if you look closer, but this can be achieved faster than a braid and it can look perfect on a tightly curled hair or an African American hair. Even when you remove the double strand twists out your hair, you can have a nice wave pattern of hair. Here is a simple method that can help to create this hairstyle easily.

To create this style, part a smaller section of hair for smaller twist and larger section for larger twists. Next hold the rest of the hair with hair clips and comb out the section that was parted off. Apply a little amount of hair gel only if the hair is completely dry. Divide the hair into two equally sized sections using your fingers and start crossing one section of hair over the other and try to switch the section of hair. Continue the crossing over of the two sections to make your hair twist together which will look like a rope. While reaching the end of your hair the curls will wrap around themselves into a twist which must be secured with a small rubber band.

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