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Modern Chinese hairstyles for men.


Modern Chinese hairstyles for men have evolved a long way from plaits and ponytails in the traditional era. Today’s hairstyles for men feature straight front sweeps, side sweeps, spikes and crew cuts. The Chinese hair texture is originally thin straight hair and men do make total use of it. The broad faces of Chinese are covered by front swept hair that can be styled accordingly. It commendably suits their face type. Men use gels to make different styles and the most famous is the feathered hairstyle. In this hair is combed to the front and strands of hair are plucked by hand using hair gel on fingertips to have the feathered effect. The gelled strands usually stand out from the rest of the hair and over al gives a fuller though sleeker effect. More newer hairstyles are the subtle Mohawk hairstyles that have been modified to suit Chinese hair. The hair is shaven from the sides and the top slash of hair is not too high. It is kept low. Though Beckham hairstyle is also quite common, it’s the feathered hairstyle that is the most popular.  Another modification to feathered hair is that the ends are moulded towards outside to give a different look. The face appears fuller and the hair appear more voluminous. Check out the variety and try some of them.

Wassup new: Curly hairstyles are less common owing to the straight hair texture in china, though they have been tried often by mechanical means.

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