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Modern Chinese hairstyles for women.


Though a traditional tinge still remains, modern Chinese hairstyles have incorporated many styles from around the world ranging from curly hair, half ties, French twists, chignons and even short bobs. Chinese hair texture is originally straight though variations do occur. Bangs had been immersed long ago in the twentieth century. Sleek updos are common and usually accessorized with hair clips and crystal combs which are is a traditional Chinese hair thing. Nowadays front poofs have been in fashion as is in America and UK. Chinese women in office are seen in either straight ponytails or tight buns with hair sticks. Girls adore tiny ponytails or let them loose. Hair coloring is very popular owing to the newer teen generations experimenting with their hair. Usually Chinese tradition forbids cutting of hair but now, short bobs are in and endorsed by many women as a sign of authoritativeness. Loose messy updos are fast gaining fashion. Girls go for perming and curling hair as this hairstyle is not a common feature of the hairstyles there. Layered cuts and bangs are totally at their high but nevertheless, Chinese remain at par in hair fashion always.

Wassup new: Modern hairstyles do use lots of original hair clips, combs, hair sticks that are made of metal, glass or wood and keep their tradition in hand while going for the modern look.

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