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Chinese hair accessories: Plenty to choose from!


Chinese hairstyles are a craze nowadays with Rihanna boozing it up with her geisha inspired hairstyle in her latest album. She looks absolutely stunning and so her fans are following her. There are so many accessories that Chinese use to decorate their hair and I must say they make eye catching hairstyles with them. The most popular hair accessory is the hair stick. They have been used since ages and are used till now practically in all parts of the world to decorate buns. They are made of wood, glass or metal and even seashells. Beautifully cut into great designs showing dragons, warriors or pretty ladies in their drawings, they look very exotic and traditional when combined with a high bun. Usually two or more sticks are used but for modern look, you can use a single stick. They may have hanging beads, tiny wind chimes attached to them to give a traditional feel to it. They may be made of silver, glass rarely gold. Then there are the great tiaras. They are mostly used in wedding to decorate hair. They are bigger hair accessories that cover almost whole head. They may be made of metal and formed in various designs as flowers, petals, leaves, chains hanging from them on the forehead and the sides, etc. then there are the combs. Wide, long, thin, tiny, all sized comb with great designs to choose from. Then there are the hair clips made of crystals. There are so many varieties of accessories. Choose and make your style different.

Wassup new: Make a traditional twist in your hairstyle by adorning them and make the most of it by combining with a modern hairstyle.

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