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Fan Bing Bing’s bow shaped updo: Combining moderancy with tradition.


This is one of the hairstyles of Fan Bing Bing that I love to make. It suits her round face and makes it appear fuller. One of the great elegant hairstyles that can be tried unanimously. She looks gorgeous in it, isn’t she. To create this hairstyle, shampoo and condition first. Use hair smoothing serums and anti frizz to calm down the dry frizzy hair. Blow dry. Comb well. Collect all hair on the top of your head into a tight ponytail. Secure the neck of the ponytail with a tight rubber band. Now comb well the ponytail and spray it with hair mousse all over to make it shiny but still manageable. Raise the ponytail and fold it towards left side, giving a fan shaped appearance to it and cross over to the right side, folding again to come to the center. Now you have got a wide stretch of hair going from left to right with the ends at the center. Wrap the end around this stretch of hair in the center making it tight and make the ends pass between the neck of ponytail and come back to where it started wrapping in the center. This way you have a bow shape given to the wide stretch of hair with center narrow. Fix the ends with bobby pins. Make sure the bow is tight or you may randomly fix pins to secure it at places. Give a shot of hairspray and your bow shaped updo is ready!!

Wassup new:  Attach a tiny crystal at the center of the bow and let it speak for you. You are bound to collect compliments today!

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