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Fan Bing Bing’s traditional Chinese hairstyle at Cannes.


Well it was Fan Bing Bing’s day. She looked stunningly beautiful. No doubt about her. She wore a traditional Chinese hair style that composed of a front poof, twist at the back and hair sticks that had strings of thread hanging on to the each side of forehead. Absolutely exotic hairstyle and a must try. To get this hairstyle, wash and condition your hair and use hair serum all over profusely. Comb well and blow dry. Take a small section of hair from the front top of the head and comb well to make a front poof. Make sure this front poof is little wide but not too much high. Raise this section of hair to make the poof and fix it with bobby pins at the back. Collect the remaining hair at the crest of your head and comb well. Dash on some hair spray.  With a comb, pull the hair parallel to the floor and start folding from the ends horizontally towards inside to form a type of horizontal French twist. Keep on folding till you reach the roots. Fix with pins all over to get a polished bun. You may have to use bun hair pins all over to keep hair at place. Now use some hair sticks or hair clips that have threads hanging. Fix these sticks on either side of the forehead inside the front poof. You can attach the clips easily but you might need tiny clutchers to attach the hair sticks inside the poof. Do that neatly. Give a last shot of hair spray and you are done!

Wassup new: A traditional Chinese hairstyle without much accessories gives a modern feel to the hairstyle. You can try them on! They look wow!

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