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Gabriella’s rainbow colored curls.


I am much fascinated by Gabriella’s choice of colors in her hair. Rainbow colors are a love try and she experiments with newer hair combos an every event. Here she sports her rainbow colors in curls that look so damn beautiful. Now, there are two ways of trying hair colors. You may first color your hair with temporary colors and then go for curls or you may go for curls first and then spray on the temporary hair color after wards. The choice is yours. Both look fantastic. You can make choice of colors as Gabriella makes use of purple, red and pink in one combo and green, blue and blonde in other. You may try as many colors as you want.  To get this hairstyle first wash and condition your hair. Use hair serums. Comb well and blow dry. Separate hair into finger thin strands and spray them with colors. You may make horizontal or vertical streaks  as you like. Blend the colors beautifully. Now take each strand and carefully curl them and after giving sufficient heat, release then carefully too. Curl the whole mane likewise. Give a dash of hair spray and your look is done.

Wassup new: Temporary hair colors are in as they allow you to experiment with colors often. Try on!

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