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Hairstyle With Twisty Bun


Hairstyle with twisty bun can be a great way of styling your hair for any special event. Most of the bun will be created with the help of a long hair, but this style can be achieved even if you have a short hair. This style can be created along with a rope braid and make sure that you are able to create a short ponytail. It is considered to be a casual hairstyle which can also be worn for a ballet performance or for a formal occasion. You can just follow these simple steps to get this hairstyle.

To start the styling process, first mist all over the hair with water using a spray bottle to make the hair damp which will help to prevent any flyaways. Then create a ponytail and secure it using hair bands which will serve as a base point for the top bun. Divide the hair into two parts by splitting the ponytail. Twist both the portions around each other to create a rope braid and secure it with another hair band. Start folding the end of your braid under the braid itself and then up against the base of your ponytail to for creating a braided bun. Use hair pins to keep the bun in place and spritz all over the hair with a hairspray to prevent a messy looking bun. Use hair pins that are similar to your hair color that will make them less visible.

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