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Messy curly short bob at Azura fall 2012.


Models at Azura fall 2012 fashion show rekindled the old curly bob, reigniting Marilyn Monroeโ€™s most popular style but with a twist. The short bob was not at all suave. It was according to the predilection. Since messy look is in these days, the hair stylists combined the messy look with the bob cut. The models looked every inch elegant yet the messy hair style added some girly feel to it. All in all, the models looked absolutely gorgeous. To get this hairstyle, you need to have a good hair wash first combined with conditioning and hair serums.ย  Now, for a bob hair cut, you can choose any style. Either you can go for the same length bob or layered bob that has two or three steps at the ends. Both look perfect and anyone style can go with this hairstyle. When haircut has been done, make a side partition and blow dry. Make seven to eight sections of hair. Take a curling rod and curl up each section. When done, give a hard shot of hairspray and using your fingers, open up all the curls and mash them with your hands once. There you get your messy look. Give a last dab of hair spray again and your look is done! You look as gorgeous as those models!

Wassup new: Try combing headbands with this look for office or college. This look is great and easily done. With the messy outlook you donโ€™t need to restyle it again and again so try on!

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