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Sleek hanging lowdo with colored pins: Hairstyle at Cacharel fall 2012.


If that would be called as graceful, I m up to it. Absolutely soothing to eye. Models at Cacharel showcased a hanging lowdo made by folding and twisting hair at the nape of the neck while the overall look was sleek and attractive. To get this hairstyle, you must go for the basics first, shampoo, conditioner and a good hair straightening serum. Use anti frizz if your hair are too frizzy. Blow dry. Comb well and give a side part to the hair. Spray on the root area of your hair and comb well. Take a curling rod and curl up the ends of the hair. Open the curls with your fingers and swish swash them, mashing into a messy curly collection. Collect all hair loosely at the nape of your neck. Make sure the hair is hanging on the sides and they almost cover the ears just like a hanging curtain on both sides. Twist lightly your hair at the back and fold it upwards and attach it with bobby pins to the scalp to make a lowdo at the lower neck. Give shot of hair spray all over. Now, take some colored pins and attach them on the greater side of the partition near the ears. They completely change the outlook and some color to the hairstyle. Your look is done!

Wassup new: this look is quite graceful and can be tried by ladies of all ages. Girls may combine this look with streaking up a highlight with bold neon colors and making cut with it. Try on!

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