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Jessica Chastain’s side swept red waves.


Jessica looks amazing by giving a retro side sweep to her red hair. The waves add to the retro feel. The color of her hair is amazingly done and is every inch supporting her skin tone. To get this hairstyle, color your hair in blonde red color that is close to orange. Make sure it gives natural color and does not give a bold hue. It should blend well with the skin tone. Shampoo and condition well your hair and add hair serum. Blow dry. Give a side part to your hair. Spray on well before curling and comb again to make the serrations clear. Now divide your hair into four or five thick sections and using a thick curling rod and curl your hair. When sufficient heat is given to make waves, release the hair and finger comb them once to make them wavy. Give a last shot of hair spray. Keep the hair in front of your neck. Your look is done!

Wassup new: You may attach a crystal onto the side for more retro feel to your look. The waves look elegant and sexy and do appeal to the eyes. Retro hairstyles always have the first spotlight and so is this hairstyle. Try on and look different with side swept waves.

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