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Jessica Chastain’s twisted half tie.


Jessica sports a girly hairstyle that can be tried practically by everyone especially teens. The hairstyle is very cute and of course brimming with life. The loose waves create an aura of imagination and the half tie attracts style. To get this hairstyle start with shampooing and conditioning your hair. Use hair smoothing serum while hair is still wet and comb well once with a wide toothed comb. Make a center partition and now using your fingers, make thin sections of hair and curl them loosely using your fingers. Make sure they are still damp when you do this. While finger curling, you can use hair dryer at cool air to aid in putting natural waves. When dry, make out two thin strands of hair from each side of partition and twist them till the twists are quite close. Bring them at the back of your head and join them together, fixing with bobby pins to the scalp. Once again, finger comb your tresses. Give a shot of hairspray and your twisted half tie is done!

Wassup new: You can combine a front poof, you can go for side part, you can make a ponytail at the back or you can go for an updo with this hairstyle. There are so many styles to choose from keeping this basic hairdo in mind. Experiment and enjoy!!

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