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Lauren Conrad’s stranded chignon.


Lauren looked very part elegant with her stranded chignon. The chignon was made of separate strands or sections of hair which were pinned separately over one another neatly at the lower back of her head. Chignons give elegance and grace to one’s look and Lauren’s hairstyle did justice to her by lime lighting her. To get this hairstyle, start with the basic shampoo wash and deep conditioning. Use hair smoothing serums or anti frizz if your hair is naturally too frizzy. Blow dry your hair. Comb well and make a side partition. Pull forward all your hair on the greater side of the partition in front of your neck. Now make four to five finger thin sections of hair from the sides, keeping the middle section largest. Make a loose ponytail out of the middle section alone and tie a tight rubber band around its neck. While you give a second pass to the rubber band, give a small fold to the hair and leave the rest hanging above the rubber band. In this way, you will get a bun like thing formed from the ponytail whose tail is hanging on the top. Wrap this tail around the rubber band to cover it and fix it with pins. Now, take a strand of finger thin sections made earlier and apply mousse over it with your fingers and wrap it loosely around the bun made from the middle section. Likewise wrap all the sections in various directions loosely and pin them up respectively. This way you will have the one strand over the other effect on the bun. This is stranded chignon. Hairspray a little and your hairstyle is ready to flaunt!

Wassup new: For added attraction, add a crystal to your chignon at its centre. Get ready to collect compliments.


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