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Waterfall Braid


The waterfall braid is one of the most creative ways of styling your hair. It is known to be a variation of the French braid where the hair is pulled to create a braid giving a similar look of the water flowing down the head. This hairstyle will work best if you have a wavy hair or an even a straight hair which will come at least below your chin.

To create this style, first divide a bunch of hair on one side of your front hairline and divide it into three different strands such as top, below and bottom. Take the bottom strand on the center one and then pull the center one forward. Take the top strand on the remaining strand to make it the new top strand and old top strand will be your new center strand. Take a new strand from below the braid and a thin strand from the top braid to join it with the top strand. Continue to braid the hair away from your face to make the plait to your desired length. The braid must run along the side of your head along with loose strands that must be pulled forward from the braid links. Plait the three strands as usual and secure it with hair elastic. Leave the loose strands which was pulled forward fall on the side of your head under the braid and finger style the hair as per your desire.

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