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Jennifer Morrison With Front Braids


Jennifer Morrison has got a hairstyle with front braids which are a very romantic way of styling your hair for any special occasion. In this hairstyle, the braid will lie flat along the center and back of the head. It can created on any type of hair, but make sure that you have at least medium to lengthy hair as you must make the braid sit over your head. Most of the celebrities have worn this style many times as it can make them look unique. Here are the steps that can help to achieve this style.

To get the hairstyle, first comb the hair and create a center part from the middle of your head. Take the comb two inches away from the hairline and then pull it forward which will be used as the braided headband. Start twisting the rest of the hair back and secure it using large clip to keep them away from the styling process. Pull two inch wide front section of hair and the keep comb on the hair above the left ear. Then comb the front section of hair from left to right which will send the hair in the direction that it needs to be. Lay the right section of hair on the middle section and left section over the new right section to braid the hair. Finally use hair elastic to secure the end of the braid and use a small decorative barrette on the bottom part.

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