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Messy braids with funky hair extensions.


Models showcased a hairstyle that would be popular with teens and of course can be tried for a variety of events. The hairstyle is composed of messy braids and funky colored hair extensions attached and left loose. I would certainly try this hairstyle for the upcoming disco themed party! For sure, the hairstyle looks girly and full of life. To get this, you need to wash your hair properly and condition them. Use mousse. It will be easy for you to braid than it is with frizzy hair. Comb all your hair to one side. Start from the top left portion. Divide the hair into three sections and start braiding them. Pass the left section over the middle section and under the right. Similarly pass the right section over the middle and under the left. This completes one round. Now pick a strand of loose hair from both sides of the braid and incorporate them in your braid and repeat round one. This completed round two. Complete the braid likewise till you reach the end of the head. From here on, do simple plait by just doing round one. Make sure you braid and plait loosely and not tightly to give the messy look. Attach a few colored hair extensions onto the weaves of the braid and hang them loose. It looks beautiful! Give shot of hairspray and you are done!

Wassup new: You may even weave these extensions onto your hair and give another look. You may attach ribbons, hairclips and make out whatever you like from this braided look. Try on!

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