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Naomi watts flowered ballerina: Curly messy tiny!


Naomi watts sported a newer variety of ballerina buns. Her hair was messy and curly and sported a tiny ballerina bun at the lower side of her back. The bun was adorned with two big artificial flowers made of feathers that matched her dress. Her look was very creative and on the other hand she made use of most of her theme, feathers. To get this hairstyle, you need to wash hair properly and condition them. Do not use anti frizz. Make a side partition and blow dry. Comb well. Take a thin curling rod and making finger thin sections of hair curl the whole mane. Do not give much heat to the curls. We need curls that are wavy and frizzy and not smooth and tight. When done, open the curls with your fingers to give a messy look to them. Collect all hair to a side but quite behind the ears. Fix all hair with bobby pins there and move the tails hanging to the other side of the head.  Fix with bobby pins to the other side about three to four inches from the tails. Make a ponytail of these hanging tails. Tie the tail with a rubber band. Make sure that the ponytail is tied close to the bobby pins.  Now, twist this ponytail clockwise till it forms a tight rod. Wrap this rod around the neck of ponytail from which it is formed. Fix with bobby pins. Take two flowers and attach one on one side of the ballerina bun and other on the other side. You may use a single flower too. Give a dash of hair spray and your look is ready for the event!

Wassup new:  A tiny ballerina bun can be so sexy, one can imagine with the look at the pictures. Try them and there’s a return of bouquet of compliments!

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