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Thick round retro bun: Simply gorgeous!


What elegance a lady makes when she adorns a big bon at the top back of her head. Its simply gorgeous! Similarly Marion Cotillard is looking absolutely stunning here owing to her spotlight hairstyle. Well, now you can easily get this hairstyle owing to the simple steps here. Start with the basic shampooing and conditioning. Blow dry. Sweep back your hair into a ponytail at the top back of your head. Tie the ponytail with a tight rubber band. Make two sections of this ponytail, the upper small section and the lower bigger section. Clamp the upper section for future use. Twist the lower section clockwise till it forms a tight sausage and can twist no more. Wrap this sausage around its own neck to form a bun. Fix this bun onto the scalp on both sides and below with bobby pins. Take a hair cushion or faux hair bun and wrap it around this bun made from lower section of the ponytail to give it volume and thickness. Fix the cushions with pins. You may choose approximate thickness of buns that you desire. Now open the upper section of ponytail and comb it well. Spread it around the hair cushion so that it completely covers it. Fix with pins. Hairspray all over. Now take some crystal chains hair accessory and wrap it around the big bun to cover the rubber band. Your thick retro bun is done!!

Wassup new: This hairstyle is a must try and it looks awesome. Though it might seem difficult when you look at it but its way easy. Try on!

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