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Ballerina buns.


Ballerina buns are considered quite sophisticated buns for any event, especially dance. Since its name says its conception, ballerina buns are mostly adorned during ball dances. One reason for t is that no hair is kept loose that may interfere in dancing, so it is quite manageable. Secondly it gives an elegance and polish to the whole hairstyle which is needed during floor ball dancing. To get this hairstyle, shampoo and condition your hair. Use hair smoothing serum and blow dry. You may use anti frizz if your hair is too frizzy. Now comb well and collect all hair at the crest of your head. Make a ponytail out of it securing it with a tight rubber band. Spray some hairspray onto the tail and comb well. Twist the tail clockwise till a tight sausage is formed and it can be twisted no more. Wrap this sausage around the neck of the ponytail from which it is made and fix the ends with bobby pins. You may have to use bobby pins randomly too to tuck in hair from where it is loose and to make it secure to the scalp. Give a last shot of hairspray and your look is done! Adorn it! It looks very graceful!

Wassup new: You may use hair extensions if your hair is short. Use crystals, flowers to decorate this bun. Its very elegant.

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