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Hairstyle With Angled Spikes


There are different ways available for styling a short hairstyle and one among them is the angled spikes. This is a very unique way of styling the hair which can be done only when the hair is short. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways of styling the hair. It can give a conservative look for anyone if you spike the hair only in the front. You can also create an angled spike to create a wilder look. Here is a simple way that can help to achieve this style in no time.

To get this style, first apply a medium sized hold hair gel to get a shiny look and for a matte look spread a medium hold hair styling paste. Now you must wash the hair completely and apply a little amount of hair product all over the hair. Use your hands to distribute the hair product evenly all over the hair and spike your hair primarily in an angle that you are going to style the hair. You must style the entire hair using your hands by standing in front of a mirror. Make sure to use enough styling product to make the hairstyle look good. At last you must mist all over the hair with little amount of hold hairspray to spike the hair. Try to use more hairspray if you are planning to create a shiny or matte hairstyle which will not affect your look.

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