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Jumble poof hairstyle.


Models at Shimada fashion show showcased a new trend, Jumble poofs which I know is going to be very popular among the girls soon. Well, I love it! And you will too! The look is quite messy as is the trend going on.ย  But contrary to the polished poofs we adorn everyday to college and office, here is the jumbled poof hairstyle that has got giant poofs in order. You can have one to two poofs at the same time that too of different heights as you may desire your look to be. To get this hairstyle, lets start from a basic wash and conditioning. Remember not to use anti frizz coz frizz is what we need in this look. Blow dry your hair and use a teasing serum onto the whole hair. Divide your hair into sections and start backcombing them one by one to create height and volume. This may take quite time and of course power of your arms! Backcombing and teasing is done by holding a section of hair into one hand and then passing the comb between the hair to and fro many times till a mess is created which gives substance. When done, take a small section of hair from the front top of your head and make a poof out of it by raising it to the desired height. You may even make a partition with your fingers randomly and make out two poofs. Fix pins at the back of your poof to secure it and let the remaining hair loose and messy. Give a hard dash of hairspray and you are done!!

Wassup new: I practically love all the messy looks and I am going to try them all. This is one is a bit different and new. So flaunt it at a party sooner than someone else does! Go on!


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