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Retro poofs and colored side hair: Retro meets funky!


A great combo of retro top poof and funky hair colors on the sides. Models looked exotic and chic in this hairstyle. The hairstyle is a good example where funky meets the past and is displayed in a modern way. The front poofs were flattened from above and the sides showed a combination of bright blues, greens, pinks and reds. A girly hairstyle worth a try. To get this hairstyle, start from shampooing and conditioning. Use hair smoothing serums and blow dry. Comb well and sweep hair backwards. Take a section of hair from the front top of the head and backcomb a little to give it height and volume. Raise the front poof and attach bobby pins at the back of it to secure it to the scalp. Give a shot of hairspray and lightly comb the topmost layer to give it a little polished effect. Now comb the hair from both the sides of the head near the ears and collect them at the back of the head, fixing them with hair pins. It must look like a half tie. Take some hair color spray and spray your favourite colors on the sides of your head. Choose from variety of colors you have in the market.Β  Show up some streaks at the back of your hair too! Give a shot of hairspray and you are done!

Wassup new: Β It’s a great look to try as it is funky and combines the elegance of the retro hairstyle. Try on!

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