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Hairstyle With Zig Zag Cornrows


Hairstyle with zig zag cornrows if the most unique way of styling your hair. The usual cornrows are known to be a traditional West African type of braid which can stay for many weeks. The zig zag cornrows can make the standard cornrow hairstyle more attractive than it actually is. Creating this style may need some practice as it can look difficult for the first time when you start making it. You can make it much quicker and smoother as you continue to create this hairstyle on regular basis.

Start the styling by washing the hair to make it tangle-free and spread a leave-on conditioner to make it smoother. Decide the zig zag pattern which will be used to braid the hair. Next divide the hair into different sections and add a little initial parting. Then take the first part and clip the rest with clip to avoid confusion. Divide the first part of the hair into three equal strands and keep the fingers cross the left strand close to your scalp under the center strand and right strand must be kept under the center strand. Take small strand of hair to include it to the outer strand and take another strand from the other side of the panel. Try to create the cornrow neat and even. Continue this method to the end of the hair following the zig zag design for a better look. Finally secure the cornrow using a small rubber band.

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