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Partition rolled hairstyle.


A very creative hairstyle and immensely appealing. This hairstyle consists of center portioned hair with one sided hair rolled into a vertical retro roll and the other side straightened up and colored hair extensions attached to it. The look is very chic, polished and deserved a must try. To get this hairstyle, wash your hair with shampoo and a conditioner and apply lots of hair smoothing serum. Use mousse. Comb well and blow dry. Give a center partition. If your hair is ultra sleek it is fine otherwise you might need to straighten it before proceeding. Make thin sections of hair and using a hair straightener, straighten up all sections one by one. Now, on collect one side of hair on the top of the head and apply some gel on the part where you have collected the hair so that it forms a bend. Blow dry this part so that the bend becomes solid. Attach pins on its back so that the bend does not break. Go to the back side and comb the same sided hair. Fold it inwards longitudinally or vertically to make a thick long roll. Keep folding ill it reaches the roots. Fix it with pins. On the other side, attach some colored hair extensions of your choice and bring the hair forwards in front of the neck. Give a dash of hair spray and your look is done!

Wassup new: A creative style to be tried. Flaunt at some funky show and show your different side.


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