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Side brushed messy updo.


Messy is really beautiful and needs not to be retouched often as other hairstyles. An updo is really sexy and chic and this hairstyle combines both the assets along with sleekness of the straight hair. It is chic and girly, for the messy look gives in that full of life feel to it. Try on to see how this looks upon you. Believe me this hairstyle is gonna put years off your age! Simple! Lets go for it. Start with basic shampooing and conditioning your hair. Apply lots of mousse all over your hair and comb well. Blow dry. Give a side partition. If your hair is straight, you may need not to do much but if your hair is wavy then you might need to straighten them up with a straightener by dividing your hair into small sections. Straighten up your bangs as well. Do not make the hair ultra straight. When done, mash the hair with your hands and collect them at the middle back of your head. Give a single twist so that the ends face upwards. Fix this twist with bobby pins and let the ends hang above and fall all over the head in a flowered fashion. Comb and sweep your bangs to a side to give a brushed effect. Give a shot of hairspray all over to make hair stay at place. You are done!

Wassup new: You may use a nice crystal headband here and make your look more elegant. Try on!

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