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Unique hairstyles at Bernhard Willhelm fall 2012.


Models at Bernhard Willhelm fashion show revealed the funky inventive styles of the hair stylists. The hairstyles were utterly alien inspired and showcased the creative sides of the hair stylists. Adding to the hairstyles, their faces were vividly painted. Every model showed a different hairstyle. One of the hairstyles was a retro roll over a pixie haircut. The hair color was two toned and it was very chic. Another hairstyle had a half cap over a short elfin crop. Another hairstyle had a center part while one of the sides was swept to the front and other to the back. A similar hairstyle was created in orange color. Then there were gel moulded ponytails in which lots of gels were used to fold and hang the tails of the ponytails in air to get a crooked look. The style was very creative. Then there was a center fan shape worth a plait which was worth a look. The models looked so exotic and appeared from a different planet. All these hairstyles revealed the talent and mastery of styling hair of the artists. One that appealed to me was the multiple hair rolls on head. This look was very feminine and absolutely elegant. Worth a try. Have a look. You need to curl your hair into thick rolls on the top of your head and fix them with pins, keeping the remaining hair loose. Then there were high ponytails with giant scrunchies. Give yourself a different feel and try these hairstyles and bring out your creativity.

Wassup new: Great different looks to try for those interested in hairstyles. Innovation is talent. Invent and create your own hairstyles. Try on!


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