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Wiry updos: Frizzy and colored!


Models are wearing an extremely frizzy updos also called as the wiry updos. They are very frizzy and take the messy look to another level. Nevertheless they look chic and exotic. They give a feel of some mystery lying in the atmosphere. To get this hairstyle you need to go for basic shampoo wash. Do not use a conditioner, hair smoothing serums, anti frizz or mousse. Give a center part t your hair, comb well for once and then blow dry. Now, make small sections out of your hair and dab on some teasing serum well. Now using a tight toothed and a narrow comb, back comb your hair by moving the comb to and fro through your hair section, without stopping . Repeat this to whole mane. When done, collect all hair at the middle back of your head and giving a fold upwards, fix it with pins with ends facing the sky. Collect the ends into a bun like thing and pin up. Now, you can do two things. Either you can color spray the ends of the updo into any color or you can attach wire thin colored hair bun caps that almost look like natural hair. Both give the same effect. At last, give a shot of little hair spray and your look is done!

Wassup new: This look will look beautiful on red carpet with a long train evening gown. Try it and attach a small crystal at its side.

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