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Greek hairstyles.


Greek cultures are considered one of the oldest cultures in the world and hairstyling has always been an indispensable part of it right from ancient era. Beauty of the body and hair was an important part of the civilization and day to day chores. Women had long hair while men wore shorter. Of course longer haired women attracted more men and appealed to eyes more. They first wore their hair loose adorning with flowers, hairpins and used combs made of ivory and wood. With time these accessories gained more designs and fineness. Flowers are still considered as staple hair accessory for Greek women. One of the most ancient looks is the rippled hair. Very loose, thin waves are made to the hair and adorned with flowers. Flower headbands were very common. Women and men often wore a crown made of twigs and flowers. This look can be seen in many movies. Men also wore their hair in curls or waves though they were short. People used to make their hair curly by winding the hair strands on their fingers while wet and let them dry on their own. This created beautiful waves. Later on, curling irons developed and changed the whole scenario. Then came the addition of braids. Greeks often wore long braids which they wrapped around their heads to form crown braids in a similar manner as they wore flower crowns. They decorated their braids with flowers, pearls and ornaments. From then on, braids became popular and an important part of Greek culture. Knots also became popular but not as much as braids.

Wassup new: Greek people were ardent fans of bleached hair. They used saffron to color their hair and sat in sun to make their hair color lighter.

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