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Half bun half ponytail.


This is one of the commonest hairstyles that can be used to give comfort to the hair as well as style. It is composed of a looped bun and a ponytail. It is very easy to make and can be worn at any occasion even the red carpet. All you need is to do it perfectly and decorate it with best of your means. To get this hairstyle, start with basics, shampooing and conditioning. Use hair smoothing serum. Now to make a half bun half ponytail you have two techniques.

Technique one: Blow dry your hair and comb well. Divide your hair into two sections horizontally. Take hold of the upper section and comb well. Hairspray a little and make a ponytail out of it. Twist the tail clockwise and wrap it around the neck of the ponytail to make a bun. Fix the ends of the bun with bobby pins. Make a ponytail out of the second lower section.  Spray on and your look is done!

Technique two: Blow dry your hair and comb well. Pull back all hair into a ponytail and tie the neck with a rubber band. While passing the ends through the second pass of the rubber band, give a two inch high fold above and let the tail hang from under the rubber band. In this way you will have a looped bun and a ponytail. You can either straighten the tail or curl them as you wish.

Wassup new: Use crystals to decorate your bun and wear it on some wedding. Decorate it with flowers and wear it on the beach. Make it messy and your everyday look is in. Add a sleek headband or hair clips and your red carpet look is done! Try on!

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