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Polished Looped ponytail.


Looped ponytails are very famous nowadays , thanks to the runway models who made them popular. Though very easy to make and manage, this is subtle hairstyle that has not got any funky element in it though you can add your own, pretty much. I personally like this hairstyle in its messy form as I wear it whenever I need my hair to be tied in summer. For one simple reason, its damn easy to create. Of course polished tails may take some time owing to the โ€˜not a hair out of placeโ€™ theory, they look elegant as well. This is one hairstyle that can be chic as well as ladylike the same time. For better results, you can add your own elements to it to make it look different. To create it, go for basic wash and conditioning. Use ample amount of hair smoothing serums and blow dry. Use anti frizz if your hair is quite frizzy. Dab on lots of mousse all over and comb back your hair giving a back sweep. Collect all hair at the nape of your neck. Make a ponytail out of it and tie its neck with a tight rubber band. While giving the final pass to the rubber band, do not let whole hair to pass through it. Let a two inch fold remain hanging down and the tail facing upwards from underneath the rubber band. Wrap the tail around the neck of the ponytail covering the rubber band fully. Tuck in the ends or fix with bobby pins. Give a shot of hair spray and your look is done!!

Wassup new: For a modern look, make it messy. Add color sprays of your choice. Add a sleek headband or a crystal and define your look. It is amazing!

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