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Side Swept Chignon


A side swept chignon is one of the most beautiful hairstyle that can be a perfect choice for a special event like wedding. Most of the celebrities prefer this style on the red carpet which will be styled in different methods including loose or messy. It is also considered to be a versatile hairstyle which can be worn on casual or formal occasions. There is no need to go for a saloon to create this style as it can be done at home without any problem.

To get this style, start the styling by washing the hair as usual and then use hot rollers to curl the hair. Take a handful of hair strands on the base of a large hot roller to roll it up towards your scalp. Use a hot rolling clip to secure the hair and after the rolling the hair mist it with a flexible hairspray. Leave it for about 10-15 minutes to make your styling process easy. Brush the curls and part the hair with a hairbrush. Next part the hair on the side of the head and pull the hair to one side to create a loose ponytail. Now you can wrap and twist the hair around your loose ponytail. Wrap the hair again and pull it through halfway to have a loose, messy ball. You can also secure the ponytail with an elastic behind your ear or try to twist the ponytail until it coils around itself.

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